Simple Website Calendars, Built for Sharing

Create an HTML calendar you can embed on your website in minutes. Promote and share your events with the world! Or Discover and follow interesting calendars ....

Example Calendar Get your Calendar! Example Events

Easy to Install

Pick a calendar styles, match your website colors, then cut & paste the embed code to your web page. That's it. The calendar will now show up on your website seamlessly! Works with WordPress, Wix, and other content management systems.

Easy to Update

Click on the pin button to add an event. New Events will show up instantly on your website's calendar. No html knowledge needed.
Anyone can do it!

Get Subscribers

Engage your visitors by allowing them to comment on events, follow your calendar, share your events using social buttons and to sign up to an e-mail newsletter. The newsletter is automatically generated from your upcoming events and sent out weekly.

 How to make your Calendar

With "Pin Calendar" you can pick a Themed Calendar, add events, and show the calendar on your website in minutes!

  1. Sign up and pick a themed calendar
  2. Add Events
  3. Click on the Embed Icon, and copy and paste the embed code into your website

That's it! The calendar will now show up on your website.
When viewed on a phone the calendar will auto resize to fit the phone.

Example Calendar

This is an example calendar so that you may see how the calendar might look on your website.
There are many styles to choose from ... click on an event to display its details


Pin Events

When you hover over a date on your calendar, a pin icon will appear. Simply click the icon to Pin an Event to that date. The event can have a detailed description, and link to a website, buy page, or ticketing information.

Event Maps

When you include the event address, we will automatically try and generate a map for the event. Adding map and venue information to your events will make it that much easier for people to find your event with Google Maps

Repeat Events

Easily repeat reccuring events that repeat Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Even complex patterns are possible, such as repeating on the " First Friday of the Month "

Calendar Themes

Choose from over 100 different themed calendar styles . Add custom photos , icons and fonts to your events


You can show the full page calendar on your website by embedding it. Click on the embed icon, and copy the embed code to show the calendar on your website. Likewise, you can embed the event list, and the event board.

Comments and Questions

By default the calendars have commenting enabled. Get instant feedback and answer questions from your calendar visitors. You can also turn comments off, when not needed.

Social Sharing

You can follow calendars you are interested in and their events will appear on your home page. You can also like events, and pin events from other calendars onto your calendar. In addition each event has social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Online Calendars Such as Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.

Popularity Tracking

We track and display how many times your calendar has been viewed, how often it's been liked, and how many users follow your calendar.

Search Engine Optimization

When possible, we will generate a human readable url for your calendar and events. When you create a new calendar with a title, the title will be used in the url to link to the calendar. Likewise, events are also linked through titles. This way links to your calendar and events are easier to remember bust also given higher ranking by search engines.

Direct Link

Your calendars and events are visible to other users of pin calendar, and to search engines. You can link to your calendar from your website and it will be shown through the link. No need to login, calendars are publicly accessible by default. But you also make private calendars.

Export Data

You can export your whole calendar, in one step into iCal format. From the calendar menu, select export, and an ical file with all your event data will be generated, and downloaded to your computer.


Get your events more notice by adding a photo. The photo will be uploaded and shown above the event description. You can also have a smaller thumbnail shown on the calendar with the photo above the event name.