Jul Thu 6
Punch House Chicago ★ TD® Revolve VOL.10 w/ Dj GArRinchA
12:00 AM           
Tropical Diaspora Records bring the Afro Diaspora Sound in the New World to Punch House in Chicago. Strictly vinyl set by DJ GArRinchA (São Paulo Berlin) ★ rare Afro- Brazilian, -Latin and -American cuts. ★ Limited Releases on vinyl available. ★ Tropical Diaspora Records is an independent Berlin based Record Label specialized in Vinyl Records for the Afro Diaspora Culture in the new world. ★ The Afro Diaspora is the constant movement of the African people creating life based musical experiences, the traveling around of rhythms which are the result of suffering and exploitation as much as of a joyful sense of life.

Punch House