Aug Fri 18
Pilsen Fest 2017
12:00 AM           
Pilsen Fest will take place in Chicago on August 18 – 20, 2017, in the Pilsen neighborhood. This outdoor festival will feature renowned musical acts drawing an attendance of 50,000 people (2 days and a kick off event with a classical music concert and photo exhibition). The objective of the Festival is to celebrate and embrace diversity, solidarity and unity. Pilsen Fest aims to expose the Latino community to the deep pool of cultural talent that exists in the Pilsen neighborhood and the Chicago metropolitan area, including musicians, chefs, mixologists, poets, muralists, painters, writers, documentarians, and photographers. Pilsen Fest partners with El BeiSMan — a bilingual digital magazine — whose mission is to promote cultural literacy within the diverse Latino/Mexican community. Along with the Pilsen Book and Humanities Festival, the Pilsen Fest and El BeiSMan are working to preserve Pilsen’s historic legacy of being the center of a diverse Latino/Mexican cultural production in the Chicago metropolitan area.

18th St and Blue Island Ave.